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Outdoor activities: Camping, Fishing, Parks, Recreation
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Outdoor activities: Camping, Fishing, Parks, Recreation
Bump stocks are banned. Does anyone disagree with this or is it good for all sides of the gun debate?

By: Henry M. K. Alau, Field Engineer (2017-present)

I believe most gun owners will disagree with this for the simple reason that the banning of one accessory (and I’ll get to that in a moment) is only the first step to the banning of another, then another, then one weapon, then a class of weapons, and, ultimately, the evisceration of the 2nd Amendment in its entirety.

First, the accessory (and that is ALL a bump-fire stock is) the item itself, is not, in any way, shape, or form a machine gun as set forth in the regulation. It was not a machine gun when it was introduced, as the ATF stated, TWICE, when submitted for review. Tactically, its use is marginal at best. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, it was only ever used in the commission of a crime ONCE, the shooting in Las Vegas. It is, in short, a way of doing inexpensively and easily something that can otherwise only be accomplished at great expense and great effort, to wit, shooting a fully automatic weapon. Removed from an actual firearm, it is a piece of plastic, incapable of being anything more than club, and a poor one at that.

Second, by the ATF’s own ruling, it does NOT convert a semiautomatic firearm to a fully automatic firearm. Its use requires careful manipulation and modulation of the device to achieve simulated automatic fire, but it still requires an individual actuation of the trigger for every shot fired. Unknown to many, it also has a second setting that stops operation of the modulated fire and becomes a fixed stock, allowing controlled semiautomatic fire.

Thirdly, there is not, and never has been any registration of an accessory outside of items required to be registered courtesy of the NFA of 1934. There is no serial number, no tracking, and only estimates of how many of these things are in circulation. Should it stand, expect yet another round of civil disobedience as hundreds of thousands of “banned accessories” are NEVER turned in. Reference New York after the so-called SAFE Act, Connecticut after their requirement for registration, and most recently New Jersey after their magazine ban.

Finally, to address the question directly, it is good for only one side of the gun debate, the gun ban side. It is good for NO OTHER area of debate on gun rights in particular, and rights guaranteed by the Constitution in general. It is illegal in almost any way it can be illegal and would not survive a rational basis test, forget intermediate or strict scrutiny.

The bump stock ban is knee jerk reaction to a one time event that penalizes thousands who have only ever used them for their personal enjoyment. A lone lunatic is insufficient justification for this step, one of many that have been taken over the years to curtail an enumerated right. The continuance of this course of action will only lead to the more restrictions on the millions of law abiding gun owners who will be vilified and falsely equated with the very few criminals who use guns to their own ends. If not stopped, this will, inevitably, end in the eradication of the entire Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the United States.
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Don Nixon II

Dean Nothstein
Dean Nothstein
Dec 23 · 2 upvotes
Another thing I would add, it turns countless law-abiding citizens into felons for owning items they obtained legally and used responsibly.

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