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Testimonials - referral or third party endorsement

Re: Message to the board
Janie Rea
Hi Don
Seeing your picture in my email weekly makes it feel like we’ve met but I don’t think we have had the occasion.  My parents bought Eagle’s Nest back in the 70s and my family had been coming to Marco Island through their ownership. I don’t recall when we took over but we now own the condo for week 2 since, maybe, the 90s.  

I don’t know if you were looking for responses to this email but I have to say that I was quite happy when I heard about the Friendship List and have used it. I found the process of dealing with the owners directly easy and manageable. I think owners are happy to know that another owner is benefitting from their inability to use the week(s).  It also provides the owner with a monetary benefit. I have not ever tried to rent additional time from management but would imagine there is an additional cost as they need to make money to pay their staff; direct rental through the owner is like buying a house without the realtor expense.

That’s my take on this for what it’s worth.  I appreciate the amount of work it is for you to maintain the listings especially since you have had some technical issues recently. As an owner of one week I will defer to others who have several weeks of ownership at this great place.  

Maybe we will meet sometime.  If not, thank you for your efforts with the List.

Janie Rea
111 Holly Lane
Boonton, NJ 07005
I vote to keep the list because it is OUR property and not our job to
make their job easier.  Does she think she can tell us what color to
paint our front door at home?  Did we buy Eagle's Nest to make the best
rental deal for Hilton or for us, the owner?

David Anderson
What you do is a kind service to the owners.  A person could always offer their units on other web sites if desired and the effect on the staff would be the same?

Kristine Lee
Thank you for doing what must be a pretty thankless and time-consuming job. I've subscribed to your list for quite a while and used it for a rental for the first time this year, and am in the process of renting again for next year. I own week 43 (30 years now) and have never rented or traded it. I just need a little more Eagle's Nest in my life. I do think you provide a valuable service. I know this cuts EN out of making a commission, but I, for one, am grateful for what you do.
Thank you,
Kris Lee

Dear Don,

We as owners appreciate all that you have done to provide a service for us as owners. I feel your service benefits the owners first before the renter who comes in off the street wishing to spend the night at Eagle's Nest.
Last year we were able to rent two weeks from your list in units that we knew were ADA since I am a paraplegic in a power chair and can no longer use our tower unit.  The owner in turn got the full amount of the rental instead of 2/3 of it and it benefited the owner as well as the renter!  We were not able to find a renter for our week so we deposited with II for a trade which we are using this May.
This is a wonderful service you have provided for the owners and I hope you will not give it up!
Gratefully,  Donna Shiflet

Richard Tompkins
Joyce and I will be at Eagles Nest weeks 10---13. We support what you are doing as I know many other owners will too. What I can't stand is our new Director CANDY and all her Facebook CRAP I get. I have dropped my Facebook account do to all her garbage. Two years ago I had open heart surgery and put 2 of my weeks up for rent with you. Within a day I had them rented.  Your listings are greatly appreciated.
Dick Tompkins

Karen Flaig
Love the Site, the work you do, & believe is to the betterment of the owners!!! Kepp up the Good work!!! 5 Weeks in 407!!!
Laila Nelson & Karen Flaig

Suzanne Todey
For what it's worth, I would hate to lose the great service you provide at no cost to us.

John Brown
As owners  of 9 weeks @ EN I find the Friendship List extremely helpful & would not like to see it go away. It’s a real service to the owners.
Would like to know why Mona feels it makes her job harder.
John & Carol Brown.

You are providing owners a very valuable service.  Through this service owners can work directly with other owners on pricing their units for rent.   Eagles Nest does not offer this service.  If putting up our unit through Eagles Nest there  is a set price and we as owners have no say to who rents our unit.  Many times we just want to pay our annual fees through renting the unit when we are not able to use the unit.  Through Eagles Nest we may end up not getting. Rental at all because of their set pricing per day or per week.  Your service is  available to all.  Unfortunately, Eagles Nest does not allow all owners to learn about the service.
Please keep doing what you are doing in support of the owners.

Regis Brodie
Dear Don,
I find the "Friendship list" to be very helpful. It gives us an opportunity to add a week from a member or make one available. I do not understand the problem.

Will you explain the problem? I am confused.

I assume that is voluntary to be on your list. Do you get your email list directly from the staff?

I do not see what the issue as it is designed to be a friendship listing helping to get & give information. It can be valuable to all of our owners.

Thank you for your work & efforts on our behalf.
Be well, Regis Brodie (week 3 & 4)

Hanson, Gary
Don, I am very much a fan of this Friendship List and I encourage you to keep it going. I disagree that this is detrimental to eagles nest, though hearing Mona's position would be interesting.There are certainly other web sites doing the same thing, albeit for a fee. Your list brings important flexibility for owners to easily match weeks with their personal schedules and that then allows additional family members to rent the same weeks. Limiting those options, or leaving me with an unused week, does not make for happy owners. Also I think staff or sales people unnecessarily make what they have available difficult to determine as they won't post exact dates and prices, despite how convenient technology makes things. I strongly encourage you to stay the course. Competition and "free press" are good for all of us. Thanks for listening and for the service you provide.
Gary Hanson

Tony Smith
Don, please keep the Eagle's Nest distribution list up and going.  I find it very informative and helpful as a owner.  It is also helpful in helping other owners trying to get extra units for friends and family at a pretty good price.
Tony Smith

Joel Russell
Dear Don,
My name is Joel Russell and my wife and I own two weeks (3&4) at Eagles Nest. Both of us believe that the Friendship List provides very valuable information that is not available readily in any other format. We hope that you will continue to inform us with this very useful tool that provides opportunities for the Eagles Nest owners. Personally I believe that Mona has overstepped her bounds in suggesting that your efforts are not in the owners best interest, which clearly is not the case.
Thank you for all your time and effort in providing this valuable E N Friendship List.
Joel Russell   636-938-5578

Jon Udell
Dear Don:
I joined a group of 8 owners this morning to discuss your recent communication.  We vigorously and unanimously agreed that you provide Eagle's Nest owners a wonderful service that would be greatly missed if you were to terminate your site.  Please continue and we THANK YOU for the valuable service you provide.

PS  We would appreciate your posting the following:

and then this following follow up:  Wanted listings
Jon Udell
Hi Don,
Thanks for posting the notice so promptly.  Within minutes, I received a call and unit 406 in week 52 is now rented!   In the process, I'm receiving more money than I would have if we'd rented it through Hilton G. V., and another Eagle's Nest owner is renting it for substantially less than it would have cost if he'd rented it through HGV.  

Therefore, two owners have benefitted from your site.  S0--thank you again for your service; I would like to buy you a lunch or dinner the next time we are both at the Eagle's Nest.  (We're usually here in weeks 1-11.)

Have a good year.

Jon Udell

Jon Empson
Don...thanks so much. We rented week 52, #406 from Jon. Another example of the great service you are providing.

EZ Classified Advertizing™   317 844-8189
  160 W Carmel Dr Carmel IN, 46032 #RAWHMBTV.19273 Exp 12-30
    Website Link:
    Email:   Ref:   dmn  
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Testimonials - referral or third party endorsement (continued)

John Dooley
After giving it more thought:  I think that HGVC is doing a good job running the resort so it is my opinion that Monas advice should be followed. Thanks John Dooley

- Original Message -
From: "jmd doc"
To: "Don Nixon"
Sent: Saturday, March 3, 2018 8:33:09 PM
Subject: Re: Message to the board

We know that you were doing this for the owners benefit.  We appreciate all your effort and we believe that you are providing a valuable service to the owners.

John Dooley

Bill Orrison
Don, You are certainly providing value and a great service with this website and emails.!!
Bill Orrison
#203 wks 8  & 9

Emily Martin
I think this is a valuable asset as an owner of Eagles Nest and would be so disappointed not to get the list.  I'm not really sure what Mona is referring to when she says  it is determintal to the staff.  It is extremely helpful to an owner.  Please keep doing it.
Thank you,
Emily Martin, owner for last 30 years

Sharon Bohrer
We LOVE the friendship list that you provide us with!!!!!  Please keep on as usual!!!  You are not hurting anyone.
We are grateful for all you do

Bob and Jan Rich  
Don, many of us found the Eagles Nest because some one rented us a week. You are providing a service which the EN would not do and we need to keep the posting going. Mona and the board work for the owners, not the other way around. Thanks for what you are doing.
Bob and Jan Rich 6 week owners.
I vote to keep the list because it is OUR property and not our job to make their job easier.  Does she think she can tell us what color to paint our front door at home?  Did we buy Eagle's Nest to make the best
rental deal for Hilton or for us, the owner?

Donna Shiflet
Dear Don,
We as owners appreciate all that you have done to provide a service for us as owners. I feel your service benefits the owners first before the renter who comes in off the street wishing to spend the night at Eagle's Nest.
Last year we were able to rent two weeks from your list in units that we knew were ADA since I am a paraplegic in a power chair and can no longer use our tower unit.  The owner in turn got the full amount of the rental instead of 2/3 of it and it benefited the owner as well as the renter!  We were not able to find a renter for our week so we deposited with II for a trade which we are using this May.
This is a wonderful service you have provided for the owners and I hope you will not give it up!
Donna Shiflet

Personally, I find the emails very helpful and I hope that they continue. Thx,

steve carney
I have been an owner at Eagles Nest since 1987 and, although I have never used the service you provide, I know many people who have and found it very useful. The fact that Mona feels that it is counterproductive is not necessarily a reason to stop, after all, she doesn’t work for the owners, she works for Hilton and that is where her allegiance is. If you turn what you do over to Hilton they MAYBE will continue and add a commission on top and then tell us how lucky we are. Just a thought!
Thanks for what you do.  

Linda Decker
Don, as a owner for 30 some yrs, I appreciate reading your friendship list. It keeps me informed of places to rent and of any new places for sale. I hope you continue. It takes time for you to do all this & I’am sure a lot of people appreciate it.  Thank you for all you do.
Linda Decker

hope u continue.hope my week 42 is still advertised 4  sale

Carol Cady
I find the service very valuable, and hope that you will continue.  Thanks.
Carol Cady

Doug & Debbie Reed
I think the Friendship List provides a great service for the owners at Eagles Nest.
Our vote is for you to continue, and I have also reached out to a board member as well to express our vote to continue.
Doug & Debbie Reed

Lois Vandonselaar
Hello Don,
I have used your site as well as Red Week to rent and buy weeks at Eagles Nest. One positive of these avenues is that one can browse what is for sale. Using the Eagles Nest services does not allow one to see what is for sale or rent online. If Eagles Nest added this to their approach, more people might be interested in using their services.
Lois VanDonselaar

Celeste Lamberson
Hello Don,
I am an owner of over 20 yrs duration.  I find the Friendship List most useful for renting and or swapping weeks outside of my own week 7 in the tower.  Many years ago there was a form provided by management (?) that allowed one to commit to putting a week up for rent, however, the "payment" to the owner was significantly less than the value of the week (as I recall, it was a just a bit more than the maintenance fee), the difference going to management for taking on the task of renting the unit.  As I had rented through a travel agency for 2 yrs prior to buying, I was aware of the average cost to rent (at least the cost for week 7; which was about $2,000 even back then!).  I never thought this was a good deal for the owner.  The Friendship List makes rental almost painless!  I also like the idea of renting to either owners or friends/family of owners (as opposed to "just anyone") as keeping it "in the family" helps to restrict rental to those who appreciate Eagles Nest for the jewel it is.

My guess is that rental is not what concerns management the most; rather, it is sales.  Direct sales by owners bypasses the sales office, but also avoids the significant commission charged by the sales team, which can translate into price negotiating space for an owner.  When I purchased from the sales office (it was a resale), I recall the commission being something like 20-30% - which I thought was pretty steep, but pre-Internet/social media there really wasn't any other way to buy in at that time.  From the beginning of your Friendship List I was wondering when management would raise some objections.

In summary, I feel the Friendship List does help owners achieve maximum value for both rental and sales, but in doing so it inevitably causes problems for management and staff - more so I think with respect to sales than rental.  I'm not sure it's possible to have it both ways.  I did not attend the owners meeting when I was in residence during week 7.  What points did Mona make with respect to the the list being detrimental to the majority of owners over the long term?

Thanks for your dedication and time,

Celeste Lamberson
Week 7, Unit 704

Leo Wieder
  Your site was wonderful and appreciated by all who used it as well as the folks who checked in to see if they could just pick up an extra week on the spur of the moment without dealing with Hilton.

  And the so called "landlords" who got rid of weeks they couldn't use due to illness and schedule changes no longer had to take a large financial hit to add to their troubles. They all love you.
  Whatever happens, I hope you know we appreciate your work and I hope you aren't  bullied into closing the site down.
Leo Wieder

Please keep up this valuable service.

I’m sure the Board would like to keep total control of the rental program at Eagles Nest and are not willing to provide this service at no charge, but I feel that allowing the owners to communicate directly is a better way to go.


Wolfgang Wiegand
Dear Don,
We appreciate your service and encourage you to continue.

Best regards from ice cold Switzerland

George Holske
What you are doing is a great service to all the owners at Eagles Nest.  I have been an owner there since the beginning. I bought when it was just a trailer and pile of sand on the beach.  I have been happy with the place except for one big problem.  Since Hyatt got in we have been unable to rent or sell on our own because they would not release the names and contact info for other owners.  As the owners of weeks at Eagles Nest, we have been held captive by Hyatt with high rates for rentals and high commissions for sales.  That is fine for outside customers but is unacceptable to current owners. Since we do not have a way to put out FSBO signs or use our time to constantly ask others if they would like to own more weeks or have friends who would like to rent, our hands have been tied.  Hyatt makes the money and we do not.  

What you have established is wonderful for owners. All of the many friends I have made at Eagles Nest and the current owners I introduced to the property agree.  Keep up the good work. Thank you.

George Holske

Lynn Lieber
Good morning, Don,
I do not know you but thank you for your dedicated efforts to help all of us enjoy our special Eagles Nest time to the fullest.  We have been at Eagles Nest for seven years and have built many lovely friendships and memories here.  Your list allows families to vacation together and helps others avoid the dreaded “move” on Fridays.

I just wanted you to know how appreciated you are and I hope you can continue to bring people together.  I am not sure the management has the ability to do that.  I think their plate is already full.

Wishing you all the best and many thanks!

Lynn Lieber
Pewaukee Lake, WI
Weeks 7,8,9 in tower
Friends of Lynne and Larry Hinman

Ed Walsh
For the record, I for one, feel you are instrumental in not only providing valuable information for all members, but do it in a friendly informative way, that anyone would feel comfortable in responding to, or following up with. I can't for the life of me understand why Mona would feel what you do is detrimental in any way. Beneficial for us all is how I would respond. And would only add please keep it up.

Mark Patterson
I have read your letter and I am confused.  You have performed an important service for our residents in a professional manner.  Although a conflict remains with the front office,  competition is good for all.  Please continue.  Regards,  Mark S Patterson

Lois Volastro
I think the friendship list you have been compiling is extremely helpful and wish it to continue.  Thank you for the time you have invested.

Lois & Philip Volastro
Villa 3103

Vanessa Provencher
I find it very beneficial!  Please continue.  Thank you for all your hard work!

Duane Woebbeking
Please continue!!!   As owners I believe we very much have the right to manage our property as we wish!

Thank you!!

Steven Wolfe
Don, I am unsure as to the management concerns - other than economic concerning the website. We have been coming to EN for the last 27 years and have used the site once to rent an additional week. We discontinued our HGVC membership due to cost and poor service. We have not used the resort rental service for several years. We did find a more restricted option with the EN rental options. Some competition is healthy, perhaps EN and HGVC could reassess the value added as compared to your site. I do appreciate all the time and effort you donate to keep the site updated. I support your continued efforts but realize it requires significant time and effort on your part. Thanks Steve

Greg Smith
Please keep it going, it is great to have a member to member organization. Naturally those associated with HGVC will not like it as it affects their business. This is an advantage we have as an independent organization vs one owned by HGVC. I will be at the member mtg this week as I am at EN now unit 1107. should I support your efforts or play it cool?
Greg Smith

Lynn Bury
Hi Don
Thank you for the email.

I am not sure that I understand the concern.

Would you please elaborate a little more for me.

Thanks in advance

Lynn Bury
(owner of weeks 10 and 11)

Jon Empson
Don, I would hope that your list will be maintained. We have used your listing service to both rent a unit we were not using and to rent an incremental unit to house members of our family. Eliminating your online service makes owners dependent upon Eagles Nest staff to either find or rent a unit which significantly reduces efficiency(use of online service that has timely updates vs calling Eagles Nest for a point in time assessment) and increases the cost for the owner to rent. What is the value added benefit to the owners? Again, I would hope that this service for owners will be maintained. Thank you.

Jeff Rauch
Hi Don
You provide a unique and needed service to the owners of Eagles Nest.  You do this at no charge to any of us owners.  I can only assume this must be a passion of yours because of all the time and work this must take to maintain.  Maybe this is a little "cherry picking" but staff at Eagles Nest ARE getting paid...and you are not.  There are many situations where because of "life" you may need to cancel a week last minute or maybe an unexpected guest may want to join you and you need another room.  Your service provides owners a way solve these situations, Eagles Nest or HGVC does not.  I have rented some of my weeks thru HGVC and they charge a ridiculous amount of money to rent your week and then on top of that they 1099 you for the full amount they got for the rental not the amount they actually paid you.  

I hope you continue to maintain your website.  I know you don't want to upset the staff but honestly I don't see how this is a burden to them or HGVC other than it takes money out of HGVC pockets which really could be what this is all about.  Thanks for all you've done.  It is greatly appreciated!

Patsy Rust
Dear don,
I can’t tell you how much your friendship list has helped me in the past several years. I have increased my ownership because of the help your list has provided and I hope will continue to provide. As we all know, life happens and interferes with our plans. Knowing there are many people out there reading your list who need a place to come and enjoy when we can’t is sometimes a life saver. I hope you will continue to provide this invaluable service.

John Guinan
The service you provide is very helpful to the owners and I encourage you to continue.  It is the staff’s job to make things easy for the owners not vice versa.  Thank you for all your effort to help the owners.

Jim Allen
I am not sure what the rub is with Eagles Net management about the Owners List, but as an owner I think it is very valuable.  I would hate to see it go away.

Doug Rubinstein
Hi Don:
One of the reasons they might object to the Friendship List is because HGVC gets 30% commission on units they rent or sell if you are forced to go through them. As such these rentals or sales are generally overpriced. The wonderful value of the Friendship List is that owners can communicate among themselves and offer reasonable rentals or pricing because they do not include a commission.The EN staff is not under any stress because rentals are handled by two HGVC employees who sit in two offices in the lobby and whose sole job is to sell and rent units. Their success or failure does not impact EN, just HGVC. EN makes money from the monthly maintenance fees every owner pays per unit/per week. The more units are occupied the more maintenance income EN gets. Whether those units are rented through HGVC or privately does not matter. Every owner must pay those fees.

Your service is wanted and desired by owners. You are giving us an alternative to renting or selling through HGVC and allowing owners to rent or sell units at reasonable prices. You are not hurting EN. Staff is likely incentivized to sell and rent units through HGVC as part of a compensation package.  EN owners are not impacted negatively. Rather, since Marco Island has been rated the best beach in America, HGVC should have no problem renting units as should owners. This is about HGVC making more money, not EN owners or EN.

I know I echo the views of everyone who uses and consults the Friendship List in saying your service is highly valued and deeply appreciated. Your service is doing a lot of good and, in fact, may have the positive effect of keeping HGVC pricing in check since renters and buyers have a reasonable alternative.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Doug Rubinstein,
a 20 year greatly appreciative owner

I was amazed you managed the list so openly.  When I started one, I was in constant fear I would be “called to the mat” as you were.  

Of course they don’t like it.  It cuts them out of their 40%.  And the reason the friendship list is good for us is that both the owner and the renter save money.

Once I even bought a unit from another owner I met on the beach.  We paid a lawyer in town $100 for the paperwork and saved thousands by not going thru the office.  They were furious, but it was perfectly legal.  And the few times I have tried to talk to the real estate people at EN about purchasing a unit, they were actually uninterested.  

I have also had my unit rented for a partial week, without my permission, which resulted in almost no money at all.  I’d rather have given it to a friend.  

There are lots of free sites where you can offer your unit for rent and rent from.  I don’t know how they make any money, but I have used it often.  My Resort Network.  If you can’t find it, I’ll send you the link.

There is NO WAY this list isn’t good for the owners. It just isn’t profitable for EN.  

I appreciate all the work you do to keep it up and running.  It’s quite time consuming, as I remember.  
Betsy Hyslop

Jim Trupiano
Good morning Don,
I find the service you provide is of great benefit and is much appreciated. It is professional and well done.

A big problem with HGVC rental policy is that it is very much biased in favor of the renter at the expense of owners. Specifically, they allow the renter to cancel on short notice without any compensation going to the owner. My understanding is that they can cancel even a few days before under some circumstances leaving the owner with a 100% loss. Even a 30 day cancellation presents a great difficulty in finding a new renter. My limited rental experience has required a small non-refundable deposit if cancelled within a reasonable deadline period. I have had no problem in prospective renters understanding and accepting this. As long as Hilton's rental policy leaves the owner vulnerable to an uncompensated late cancellation, I can not consider offering my units for rent through them if I were to put them up for rent at some point. It's a shame because, other than this shortfall, I am very pleased with Hilton's management of our property.

Again, thank you for your service.

Jim Trupiano

George Joseph
We sincerely appreciate the service you provide for us.
Why would anyone feel that is not beneficial?
Please continue.

Thank you,

Steve Young
Your efforts are valuable. Some things the EN Board and Hilton accomplish well. Some, the Board and Hilton...not so well.

As a way for owners to have an alternative to the current use of the in-house sales force for sale of their unit, your site can be valuable. It appears that your forum via email is a good alternative for fellow owners' benefit.

If the current Board's and Hilton's sales process works well, why have I not had an offer to by my unit for sale via the in-house sales entity? Not one offer presented in over a year.

Do what you think is right. But you provide a service for the owners who, like yourself, love and appreciate EN.

Best wishes.

Steve Young
Indianapolis, IN

William Reed
Am not familiar who actually is doing the friendship list, as a newspaper name appears from time to time. Or is it just you?

I have used MY RESORT NETWORK as well as you, and they charge 19.95 for rental ads and 39.95 for for sale ads.

You either defer to them, thank you very much for all your past help, or you start a similar offering for a fee and see where it goes. I would suggest you stay with Marco properties only, maybe branch out slowly to adjacent towns/property once you get the bugs worked out.

I would be willing to invest $1000 in this project, perhaps 9 more of us would be needed? In a year, if you are successful, you pay each of us back $1500. If you fold we wave goodbye to our donation, Judy would be proud of us.

I know a brilliant computer geek that could help you with ANYTHING that you might need, maybe he would be one of the ten investors, and if this really takes off, maybe those investors are rewarded annually.

I forget the name of the guy who owns/runs My Resort but when I had a problem and emailed them, he got right back to me and then followed up a few days later. I am sure his company is big, but his personsal service was excellent.

Just spit-balling.

Maybe the resort could also share in the profits if this works.

Bill Reed

Nan Lansinger
I appreciate your efforts Don.

Many thanks,

Earl Hansen
Please keep up your good work.

Feel free to share my comments with the rest of the list.

When we first became owners in the early 80's an owners list was shared with all. Then, in our opinion, management decided that to sell or trade we had to know someone or go through management.  There are some third party listings that we can work through but yours seems to be the best.  

I'm occasionally interested in trading my week. I'm always interested in perhaps buying another week - especially the week before in my own unit.  Your listing is the ONLY  way to do that.

Of course Hilton would disagree because they want a piece of the action.  'Cherry picking' I think not.  Control of the buyer and seller is what they want.

Jeanne Moersch
As someone who has benefited from your conscientiousness and dedication as keeper of the friendship list
I hope it is continued. The benefits are obvious.  The one time I had to use the office to rent out our units was stressful and resulted in a very small reimbursement.  We all hope you do not turn this over to the office at Eagles Nest.

Thank you

Marilyn Jesserer
Hi Don,
We have been owners for 3 years now and we have found your postings from other owners to be tremendously helpful and informative. We added a fifth week this year thru a rental we found posted on your site and it was easy to work with the owner. He seemed to require all the information that the resort would need to track who was renting his week.

It is not clear to me what issues the forum creates for the staff or management. We do not belong to HVC and have no desire to join. We are not interested in trading our four weeks for another resort - we just want to come here. I am sure you are busy but we would like to better understand what the objections are to what you are providing on this page. I would expect we are not the only ones wondering what the complaints were.

Thank you so much for all that you have put in to this service for all the owners at Eagles Nest.

Marilyn & Hank Jesserer

Larry Youtz
I believe what you are doing is a significant thing for owners and should continue.  I am sure Mona’s motivation is Hilton oriented and the sales effort they provide.

Myrt Sieger
Dear Don, thank you for your thoughtful letter. We really appreciate the flexibility and ease this site provides.
We believe your site is a great service to owners without having to use a middleman to connect with other owners. We would be very sad to see this economical and efficient resource discontinued. We also greatly appreciate the time and effort it takes you to provide the information to us.

Tom and Myrt Sieger
Owners for 30 + years

Linda Russell
I was wondering why your emails were not coming. I think it is great for owners to be able to post their weeks for sale and rent!! And, vice verses for someone to contact an owner directly.

It seems like there is some political undertones!
I, for one , hope you continue this site for owners!

Dawn Bryant Mather
I hope you aren’t swamped with emails, Don, but I had to write to say that you are doing a huge service to owners!

I paid a 35%(!!) commission to HGVC for years.  Fortunately my husband and I have been able to use both weeks for a several years now, but that won’t always be the case.

Their inconvenience boils down to money - period.

I’ve been so pleased that we got my email address straightened out. All those yearsI was afraid I’d done something wrong and didn’t deserve to be on the friendship list. I’m sorry, I probably made a mistake when I wrote it down.

Thank you so much for your valuable service!!
Dawn Mather

Lucia Chastain
I’m not at all sure about what you are saying here. Your amazing efforts and willingness to help the friends and family list has been very beneficial to those of us who own at Eagles Nest. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your time and efforts. Please don’t give up on this!!  I would be willing to help with it if you need help.  I have loved Eagles Nest since the very first visit 10 years ago and want everyone to have the same positive experience! Please don’t give up on friends and family!!
Very sincerely,
Lucia Chastain

Phil Collins
Don, You provide a valuable service to Eagle Nest Owners. The only valid reason is they(us) are not getting compensated when anyone uses your service- Be it looking to rent, sell or buy.
There are many other avenues that one can get info so why is anyone signally you out. Why, because you are a easy target and it is far easier to get an audience with you than other entities.
Don, I urge you to stay the course if you see fit and continue to provide an avenue that they (corporate) can't match both in price and just in time service.
Phil Collins, Owner since'87.

Floyd Stautz
I feel the eagles nest friendship list provides a great service to owners at Eagles Nest. Wasn’t Michelle V on the board when she started the list? (Not sure if that’s of importance)

I respect your view of not making this a popularity contest.  However I hope the Board realizes many, if not most, owners value the service that the friendship list provides

It was a pleasure meeting you.
Thanks for all your work.
Elllen Stautz

Tom Jackson
Good afternoon Don,

I was reading about your concern and have a question. How long has Judy been gone?  The reason I ask is to determine what technology was present at that time.

In today world, using the internet is a practical way of doing business. It has been determined that many people make their decisions based on cost. The Friendship List is a perfect example of being cost effective with friends.

Although I only own 1 week at Eagle’s Nest, I listed it on your Friendship List at no cost and also listed it on
HomeAway VRBO with a charge of about 8%. If I were to have turned over to the Hilton Grand Connection it would have cost approx. 30% of what I was renting it out for.

If you stop publishing the Friendship list, there are other Web sites to fill the need. This year, for example, I rented out our unit on the 7th floor on week 11 for $2,730.  The total rent I collected was $2,512 after taking
into account the VRBO charge.

The only things I know about our renter is they are a couple in their mid 50’s who live north of Detroit. They have friend who stay in the Eagle’s Nest in late May/early June. I believe the couple we are renting to have stayed in Eagle’s Nest before and really liked it.

I would encourage you to keep the Friendship List. It’s an advantage for all owners to connect with our Eagle’s Nest friends and introduce others to the Eagle’s Nest.

Peace be with you,
Tom Jackson

Carol Lacombe
We appreciate your efforts to provide us with units available to rent or trade. While we understand the situation concerning staff we would like to see the “Friends of Eagles Nest” continue. Perhaps this can happen if the staff is in the loop regarding this matter.

My other suggestion wound involve a list of owners with emails and/or phone numbers.
Thank you for all you do!  We greatly appreciate it.
Carol and Larry

Frank Brown
I for one have found your emails informative, timely and of great service. The exchange of units and ability to rent has been direct and simple to use. This was the first year in our 30 years of ownership in Eagles Nest that we decided to rent instead of come during our week or exchange in Interval. With your help to post the week, we found an eager Eagles Nest owner who was in a bind to find a week to come when their full family could make it and our week was what they were looking for. I don't know how this connection could have been made without your list.
I can't thank you enough how I appreciate your efforts to develop this Forum among the owners.
I have not found the services of the people at Eagles Nest have not been favorable to assist in renting like we found with your list.
Thank you again.
Frank Brown

Jerry Teagan
I would hate to see you discontinue the friendship list. I have had good success with reaching potential renters as well as making arrangements to rent additional time  I try to talk it up when I am on Marco.

I appreciate all the time you devote to maintaining the list and trying to resolve the technical problems that have popped up recently. If it is more than you want to handle, I can understand, but know that you have been providing a valuable service.

Candy Verwey
I support your list. I am on the Board.

Dave Corrado
Don—in my opinion you provide a valuable service to everyone.

If you do not do this I believe someone else would—and it may not be as quality of a job as you do!!  I suggest it is better to control it by continuing to do it.  

We live in a democracy—competition is good—in fact it keeps everything in check.  I have rented at EN multiple times as a result of your efforts.  But EN Hilton will only rent at full price with no discount.  

I submit EN will actually be hurt from a lack of your efforts—the several times I rented through your postings it was last minute and I rented at less than full price.  The owner got enough money to cover their cost and I got a deal to cover last minute air fare.  Without your posting I would not have rented at full price and everyone is hurt with the unit going not rented.  

Your postings are extremely valuable and serve as an important counterbalance to the unwavering Hilton rule of pay 100% or go pound salt.  Just my two cents.  

Dave Corrado

Mary Cayford
Don,I cannot imagine how the Friendship List causes any difficulties for the staff or management. The list is just a means of communication, no different than when Nesters sit around the pool and exchange information about the availability of their owned weeks. That happens all the time.

Your list just allows us to participate in the conversation more often and from afar. And you have been kind enough to do it without charge as a service to your fellow owners.

But Mary and I want you to know that we greatly appreciate what you do for our little community and we hope you will keep the list going.

Heck we don't even mind it when you throw in some of you sick humor.  Thanks again, Don.

Mary & Ted Cayford
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Ralph and Shelle Lepak
Your work is extremely valuable to the owners.
We have no other way to network with other owners.
There is a level of trust I have through the friendship list I do not have with Redweek, Craigslist, and other condo rental websites.
In fact I had a particularly upsetting experience through Redweek.

Say for example you discontinued the friendship list.
There will still be all the others like Redweek and Craigslist still out there. I'm sure Hilton doesn't like those either, but they will still exist, and there are several.

I have met (through the friendship list and therefore via the internet) some nice people. I would not have met them otherwise.  The owners certainly need a resource like this!  This is the only thing we have that is neighbor to neighbor! And that is a great service!

Rod Laughlin
I think this is a great service. I appreciate it very much. It keeps us aware of what is available and saves us money. Now that’s service.

Adele Barcelo
I would be by very disappointed if you were told not to continue this  wonderful service.
It has been extremely helpful for me in finding other owners to rent from.
Thank you so much

Maureen Carroll
Not sure what the issue is or how it is a problem for the Eagle’s Nest management but I will say you have been a tremendous help in developing and continuing to keep the friendship list going.  I have had much success through you with getting weeks I needed.  I vote for your continuation of the list if you hear the same from others.

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do!!

gloria finley
Don:  OMG….Keep your website going!   You help lots of people helping people avoiding real-estate work and fees…and rentals are surely helpful to lots of people… THANK YOU for continuing!
gloria/dwight finley

John Dooley
We know that you were doing this for the owners benefit.  We appreciate all your effort and we believe that you are providing a valuable service to the owners.

Marty Testasecca
Hi Don,
I must be missing something here…but how can your Friendship List service be a detriment to staff and management to the Eagle’s Nest?

Do they feel they do not have adequate inventory during peak weeks?

And how many owners are on your list, compared to the total number of owners at Eagle’s Nest?

I will be in Marco March 29 - April 10 and would love to talk to you about this.

Your note sounded like you are downtrodden and feeling bad about what you are doing. My opinion is that you should be feeling just the opposite.

You do a great job. Your list is a huge help to owners. Of course management is going to make you feel guilty. Again, unless I am missing something, please keep the list going.

Best regards,
3105 Weeks 13 and 14

Linda Elliott
Frankly your list is a great service.  Without the fee it’s an independent list such as Red Week.

Some owners also choose to sell via  independent Marco Island real estate brokers outside of Eagles Nest who from my point of view do a better and more professional job than EN sales agents because they list it on Multiple Listings.  Hilton doesn’t even list the sale units on their website.  

There should be a listing on the website on multiple listings and a regular newsletter informing us of sale and rental units.  

Many of us remember the days when the owner lists were shared by Eagles Nest. That helped owners swop or rent weeks.  

Your list came about as a result of their closing down that access.  

In the end, it is a real estate transaction and if a seller sells it is for the best interest of all of us to have transaction with a more favorable sales fee.

My husband and I have not used your list but always read it. I have contacted one owner who listed on it this winter.  My daughter is looking to buy so I keep looking

Keep up the great work and service.

Paul Holwerda
Please don’t nix the EN Friendship list. You provide a Valuable list to all the owners that wish to join. Let me give you some reasons why:

I have used it many times in finding an extra unit for my guest or children.
I have used it many times to come a different times of the year.
You provide a valuable opportunity for those members that cannot come at the last minute and need to rent their unit out.
There is a sense of security when renting a unit from other owners and that this rental is legit…more of a peace of mind.
You save and make our owners hundreds of dollars by being able to rent less expensively and also renting out unit.

Please do not give the process to EN or the staff. I think it is very important to have an alternative site that can provide the same opportunity that EN does. This is OUR site (yes it is your site!) and let’s keep EN out. Don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate Mona and the whole EN staff but our special list is for us. That’s my 2 cents!

I don’t really understand why it affects EN staff and the whole idea of “cherry picking.” I must be missing something here. I think EN must feel that the list must be a threat. I don’t really get it.

Thanks for all you do. The only suggestion on the list is that I hope you don’t overwhelm yourself with putting out multiple lists during a week or few weeks. Once per week or even 2x month would be great. We need to make it easy for you so that you will continue it.

Thanks again for all you do.

Paul Holwerda

Larry and Mary Gerbens
Thank you for your service maintaining this site.

Karin Smith
Valuable and please continue doing what you have been doing.

Cecil Martin
You have a great idea and competition makes everyone do a better job. “Cherry picking” is not a choice you are making but one we are making. Keep up the good work.

Dave Herrmann
I have found your efforts with the list extremely helpful.

We own Three Weeks at EN and we have used the list to rent, trade and buy. I would be disappointed if the list was ended.

Thanks for your hard work in keeping it going.
Best Regards,

Dave Herrmann
412 922 7777

Nancy Wolfsohn
Thank you for all you’ve done Don. Of course the management doesn’t like it because it competes with their rentals from which they take a large percentage from owners. I’m not sure about the cherry picking argument, though. Unpopular/popular weeks remain so regardless of who is doing the renting, I think. Could they be convinced to take less of a fee?  Maybe without the official Hilton piece. That seems to me to be an ideal compromise. I don’t think you’ve done anything that the owners haven’t wanted you to do. Thanks again
Nancy and Jon Wolfsohn

Dennis Barnett
We fully appreciate the service you have been providing and truly believe it is of great benefit to owners like us.  Hilton and those before them were unreasonable with fees charged for renting and selling units and never offered trading as far as I recall. Your site is a breath of competitive fresh air.  If they want a bigger piece of the action, let them reduce fees to sensible levels.    

Sites like and the like charge $15 or so to list rentals or sales (last time I used it).   Hilton needs to be more competitive and communicative.

Until they are please keep up the good work.  

Susan Cathcart
I am shocked Eagles Nest would have you stop your efforts .
We appreciate all you do for us .Please don't stop .
I will pass this message on to the board .

Thank you
Susan Cathcart

Karen Moore
Please continue your good work for those of us who have little options owning flex weeks. It's a wonderful service you provide us.

Linda Barnett
We have found the friendship list very beneficial and have used it to rent out weeks and to obtain needed weeks for extra family.  I would be disappointed to see it discontinued.  I will share this opinion with at least one board member so I do not bother all of them unnecessarily.  I hope this is a vote of confidence in appreciation of your efforts.

Roland Ferguson
I'm with you.
R. Ferguson - weeks 18,19 and 39.

Mary Ann & Ed Krommer, Jr.
Before I was aware of your website, we used Hilton to rent our unused weeks.  It was a terrible & costly experience.  I will site one such glaring example.

Several years ago we were told by Hilton one of our Xmas week units had been rented.  However, when the renter showed up at the front desk they demanded another unit on a higher floor, not our unit 104.  Thereby, we lost our rental income.  

Please do not discontinue your website services for the owners.  It is greatly appreciated !!!

Mary Ann & Ed Krommer, Jr.

Richard A. Durst
Hi Don,
I can understand your quandary, but I believe the Friendship list is a useful and valuable mechanism for allowing owners to rent or sell their units.  What is the option?  If we list our units with the EN rental/sales office, I’m sure the overall cost of renting the units will produce a significant increase in the rental prices since we now have middlemen taking their cuts to the detriment of the Friendship list members.  Also, how well does the EN office actually do in rentals?  We would lose control of our properties when we turn the rentals over to them.

I can see how the EN would like to control this process since this will generate income.  However, that income comes out of our pockets.

I’m not sure what you meant by, "The process I use can easily be provided, without charge, to the staff, if that would be helpful.”

As I’ve told you in the past, I very much appreciate your efforts on the behalf of the Friendship list owners.  This is an efficient and very productive mechanism for allowing us tor rent our units.

I hope you will decide to continue the list…

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Richard A. Durst
Dendorferstraße 6a
93096 Köfering

Ken Hunziker
I think the service is helpful

Carly Kleppe
If you're asking whether this email list is useful or not, yes it absolutely is.

Bradley Habermehl
I do not see a negative point about the services you are providing us owners.

I for one appreciate your efforts here.  Communication among owners is a good thing and I appreciate you leading that effort.  

Brad Habermehl
Owner 3 weeks at Eagles Nest

Ron Cohen
You are providing a great service and thanks for your help.

Paul Schneeberger
Hi Don
Thanks for all you do with this.
Wks 16, 40, summer flex.

Edward Belcrest
Don, appreciate all you do!

Have been owners and renters for 24 years. Love Eagles Nest just like you and your Bride! Love the staff and guests. Keep up the good work. Will be down weeks 11,12 would love to play some pickle ball if you are down? Looking to extend my stay. Have week 14 if I can find someone looking to rent wk 13? Let me know if you know of anyone interested in renting their week 13. Thanks so much Ed Belcrest. 586-243-0575

Sam Okner
I think it was very helpful and beneficial in something that you continue to be used. Thank you for doing this.

Linda Fink
Hi Don:  I want to thank you so much for the ownership list & website.  It is a valuable communication tool for members who want to participate.  You made that possible!  You have dedicated time & effort to care about owners.

Gary & I bought our time shares in 1992 along with one of our friends & have been owners ever since.  Gary passed away in 2009 but my children, grandchildren have loved coming to Eagle's Nest along with my brother who bought a week last year.  From a personal standpoint, all families evolve & now it is difficult for them to come with work,school, college during January when we own.  I have banked weeks with RCI so that they could come @ another time to no avail.  

The future of timeshares may be in jeopardy.  Eagles Nest had a time & place for many of us in our generation but I am not sure it is a viable option for our younger generations/families.  

In closing, keep up the good work.  We need you.  

Fred Elsasser
Don, thank you so much for all your hard work!  You must know we are all behind you and want the friendship list to be continued.
Sue and Fred

Barb Whittaker <>
Hi Don:  Lost computer access until today  - but when I got it back ... WOW!!
After reading the overwhelmingly positive responses, not sure I can add much except to say:
**  Your Friendship List is 100% needed + appreciated by ALL owners  **
You are a very special person to do all you do for so many Nesters.
Barb Whittaker

Lynda Rizzo
Hi Don!  Thanks to you I have just sold my weeks 7 and 8 in Unit 701 at Eagle’s Nest to the lady that you connected me with (Patsy Rust) who has been renting from me for the last several years. I so appreciate all your efforts over the years that helped me out immensely. Keep up your generous and good work. Wishing you the best.

Joe Horton  
Again, thanks for all your hard work, greatly appreciated.

Judith Bracken
Thank you for all your help! Judith

Hal Messacar
Thank you for keeping this list current and all your appreciated efforts.
Telephone No: 586/598-8850

Candice Verwey
Hi Don.
Keep up the great work. And remember you can call on me to help.
Another note....exactly what was hacked on your end? When I try to search in the list, my malware says it’s a dangerous site and blocks me from searching. I don’t want to override that without more knowledge of what you had hacked. Thanks.

Larry Hinman  
Don I have discuss  with  many owners around EN owners and renters . There were no owners or renters who were not supportive of you and very appreciativel of the effort you put fourth . We all support you.  Ignore the minority . We appreciate everything you do. You really should run for the board. In my opinion there is no conflict.

Ben Daud
Don, the reason for this late reply is we were overseas. Please don’t discontinue what you are doing. It’s a great service to the Members. If you don’t do it, people will simply go to Redweek and other such sites and Eagles Nest won’t necessarily benefit. The 35% fee Hilton charges is the real problem and at the very least they need to bring it down to some reasonable amount.

Kartra Kohl
We appreciate all you do.  Really helped us this year (2018) renting weeks 3&4.
Thank you
Kartra and Glenn Kohl

Margie Stafford
I, Margie Stafford-Franklin & Bill Franklin, fully support you on your efforts regarding Eagles Nest.  Please continue with your work and let me know if there is any thing I can do to assist you.  I am a licensed Realtor in the state of Missouri and have Fractional Share listings that are on the web site and other web sites.  

I did ask at the Owners Meeting, if the salespeople were members of the local MLS...Mona was not sure.  I ask where and how the present properties the salespeople had For Sale were being advertised?  The reply was..."to our present owners, walk-ins and signs out front...and I am not sure where else."  I attended the meeting late (as I was faxing a real estate contract) so I didn't get the very beginning of the discussion.

At one time you gave instructions on how to access the Collier County records to find the owners of Units, at Eagles Nest.  If you still have those instructions, could you please send those to me?  I would like to check out a few things that are of interest to me.  Florida records are a little different than Missouri!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Keep up the good work!

Karen B. Manor
A belated reply to your email.  I have been at Eagles Nest for two weeks and have been busy with family and friends.  Most have headed back north, and I am still here with some relaxing time to catch up on correspondence.

First, THANK YOU for your many years of dedication to help keep Eagles’ Nest owners connected.  You embody the spirit of the owners who truly care for this special place.  My parents have owned for 30 years, and my husband and I for 15.  I totally support what you are doing and the others in my family do too.  Why not give owners an opportunity to rent directly to other owners and their friends/family?  Of course, management would want people to rent through the front desk and increase their revenue.  (I am assuming this goes to Hilton, but not certain.)  Based on your last email, did the Board supporting your continuation of the friendship list?

We own a ski condo at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont.  Owners also communicate among one another to rent out their units and avoid the 45% commission charged by the resort.  We also rent via VRBO and AirB&B.

With appreciation, Karen Manor

Jennifer Schlagenhaft
HI Don, we successfully rented our #8. Please remove our listing. Thank you very much. This was a wonderful experience.

What a great service to offer. We will most likely use it again,

Sean Mc Intyre  

Thank you for all you do.  I was able to speak with an owner and get the week I wanted.

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